Claire Cole working out

30 DAYS OF FITNESS FOR £1 to support the Pandas Foundation

In partnership with the Pandas Foundation to support maternal mental health I’m so excited to be doing this!!! I’m donating £1 of every sign up!

Don’t get me wrong I worry about my “body after baby” but I LOVE how freaking effective my 20 minute home workouts are for my mind as well as my body! 😍

🚀 YES they are LIVE

🚀 YES they are QUICK

🚀 YES they are INCLUSIVE


🚀 YES you can do them at HOME

🚀 YES they make you feel AMAZING

🚀 YES they are ADDICTIVE

🔥 🔥 🔥 I am so passionate about what I do, I will MOTIVATE you to have more FUN than you imagined working out with ME at home!

➡️ TODAY I want to bring you into my World

➡️ TODAY I want to share with you the secrets of my quick, effective home workouts

➡️ TODAY I’m inviting you to sign up for a TRIAL OFFER – 30 DAYS OF FITNESS FOR £1 to show you how to fall in LOVE with home workouts 😍

🍾 By the end of 30 days you will love MOVEMENT FOR MUMS home workouts as much as I do!

✅  Sign up NOW and FIRE UP those home workouts! 🔥


✅ Over 30 Daily Live Home Workouts

✅ Bonus Barre with a Chair class

✅ Bonus Resistance Bands class

✅ Bonus Weights class

✅ Weekly Live Drop in Q&A sessions to help you make progress

✅ Recorded Workout links emailed daily so you can do them anytime!

Private Members group for support

✅ 30 Day Trial Starts 1st July 2020 (early joiners get access now)


“Claire’s workout really pushed me without being too difficult and challenging. The moves were simple yet effective enough that I feel confident to replicate these at home. Claire also introduced me to HIIT yoga which might be my new favourite thing”

Cree @ Sweaty Betty

“I can’t thank Claire enough for keeping me going through lockdown. I have loved the 25 minute live sessions that I can fit around my day, that have been fun and motivating, making me feel on top of the world when I have finished the workout. I’m ready to face the day with a smile on my face!”

Lisa, Mum of 2

“I love Claire’s workouts. I like that she emphasizes the need for it to be fun and enjoyable. I have a mental block with exercising, it always feels so hard and tend to opt out. I need to exercise more for my mental and physical well-being and Claire’s approach is just right for me.”

Andrea, Mum of 2

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