Claire Cole demonstrating a workout


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I believe when stress effects the brain the body feels the pain so my ethos is fitness that is little and often, that doesn’t need lots of time, space or equipment. Fitness that is focused on feel good and boosting our moods.

When I wake up under a grey cloud and I just can’t shake it off I find moving my body moves my mind so I create fitness that is movement for our minds as well as our bodies.

This workout is a snippet from my Lush Legs & Glutes workout, try the following:

πŸ’™ Sumo Squat x 5

πŸ’™ Sumo Leg Lift x 5 each side

πŸ’™ Sumo Squat pulse x 5

πŸ’™ Side Lunge Slider x 5 each side

πŸ’™ Curtsy Squat Kick x 5 each side

Enjoy! πŸ”₯

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