Claire Cole

My Story

My ethos is to get active to boost your mood. Movement for Mums is about using fitness to help improve your mental health.

It was born out of this mum, like you, being the multi hatted juggler. I balance being the working mum, cook, driver, housekeeper, babysitter, book keeper, gardener, pocket money balancer and referee.  I spend my days juggling the kids’ demands, the husband’s demands and trying to find time for me.

I created Movement for Mums to help mum’s like me squeeze fitness into their busy lives to make them feel good.

About Me

I’m a Level 3 Qualified Personal Trainer.

Being a mum of two boys (or naughty ninjalinos), I found it hard at times to squeeze fitness into my daily life so I started thinking about movement and trying to find a way to do some form of movement everyday.

Suddenly I broke that cycle I felt of the euphoria of working out replaced with withdrawal (because I didn’t have time for it) and then the guilt (because I wasn’t doing it), sound familiar?

I’ve had a long journey with anxiety, agoraphobia and PND, fitness to boost my mood has been a really important part of my journey and I now want to help other mum’s find a way of squeezing any form of movement into their daily lives to feel the mood boosting effects that this can have.

I stream live free fitness (yes you can do it from home with no equipment with me!) and create workouts that make you feel good.

Get in touch, I would love to support you.



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