Why would someone choose to use a graphing calculator to solve a system of linear equations instead of graphing by hand? Explain your reasoning.Sample Response: A graphing calculator is more accurate than graphing by hand. If the slope and/or y-intercept is a fraction or decimal, it is more difficult to accurately graph by hand. Using a calculator might also be more time efficient because it might accept a line in any form. A calculator’s window can be adjusted quickly instead of having to redraw a graph by hand when adjusting the scale.

Accepted Solution

In addition, from the response shown, using a graphical calculator brings the following benefits:
 1) You can write the system of linear equations as big as you want. This is: systems 3 * 3, 4 * 4, 5 * 5.
 2) The response to systems of equations greater than 2 * 2 can be complicated when you graph the solution, therefore, the graphing calculator can be much more efficient in these cases.
 3) You can write the linear equations in any way. Resolving by hand you should probably rewrite the system of equations to find the solution.