Find the value of x in the triangle shown below.X= ?Can anyone help me on this please.​

Accepted Solution

Answer:60.77054139β‰ˆx. I don't know what decimal place you need to round it to thoughStep-by-step explanation:We can apply the Law of Sines to this situation.The Law of Sine states that sinA/a=sinB/b=sinC/cThus, we can get the equationsin(56)/5.7=sin(x)/6Multiplying both sides by 6, we get6sin(56)/5.7=sin(x)Simplifying the left side, we get0.872671129...=sin(x)Lastly, multiplying the inverse of sine to both sides, we getsin^-1(0.872671129...)=sin^-1*sin(x)60.77054139β‰ˆx